Planned for netjukebox 6.86 Changes with netjukebox 6.85
  • Released: 12 June 2022
  • Update: Improved licence info.
  • Update: Under the hood improvements.
  • Bugfix: Display image error when image_id or image is set to an empty string.
  • Bugfix: Various other bug fixes.
Changes with netjukebox 6.84
  • Released: 18 April 2022
  • New: Changelog is following.
  • 6.84.1 Update: Minor fixes to HTML audio stream.
  • 6.84.2 Update: Improved message() support during XMLHttpRequest.
  • 6.84.3 Update: Add explode and inplode button to view all album artists (hit enter on search query).
  • 6.84.3 Update: Simplify MPD code and removed comppatebilety with older versions than 0.16.0 released in december 2010.
  • 6.84.3 Update: Some small fixes.
Changes with netjukebox 6.83
  • Released: 24 May 2021
  • New: Client site iOS detection.
  • Bugfix: Multiple javascript bugs fixed when editing user.
  • Update: Rest of the changelog is following.
  • 6.83.1 Bugfix: Mobile client regex fixed.
  • 6.83.1 Update: iOS and mobile client detection improved.
  • 6.83.1 Update: Cleanup library.js.
  • 6.83.2 Update: Minor fixes found in log file.
  • 6.83.3 Update: getID3() updated to version v1.9.21 and various fixes.
Changes with netjukebox 6.82
  • Released: 17 May 2021
  • New: HTML audio volume slider can be enabled or disabled in the file.
  • New: iOS copy to clipboard support added (tested on iPad with iOS 12.5.3).
  • New: HTML audio on iOS devices can now be enabled in the "config > stream profile".
    Because of the slow and different implementation this feature is disabled by default.
    The HTML audio setting on iOS is separated from other devices.
  • Bugfix: None alphabetic artists (media > #) are now displayed correctly.
  • Update: HTML audio doesn't show the green play button on unsupported auto-play web browsers.
  • Update: Some other improvements and code cleanup.
Changes with netjukebox 6.81
  • Released: 1 May 2021
  • New: Add volume slider to stream playlist.
  • Update: Use session_id to identify downloads and (external) m3u streams.
  • Update: Use sessionStorage instead of localStorage to reduce disk access (stream playlist updates every second).
  • Update: Improved sessionStorage identification by hash.
  • Update: Some small other improvements.
  • 6.81.1 Update: Google Roboto woff2 fonts updated to version 2.7.
  • 6.81.1 Update: Strip leading and trailing whitespace from favorites input.
  • 6.81.1 Update: Some minor improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 6.80
  • Released: 5 April 2021
  • New: Add lock mechanism to the update and batch transcode process.
  • Update: Moved transcode functions from config.php to download.php.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
  • Remove: Removed command line update and simplified code.
  • 6.80.1 Update: Reorderd contend and removed unused scripts.
  • 6.80.2 Bugfix: Allow undefined useragent.
  • 6.80.3 Bugfix: Fixed playlist status and minor update.
  • 6.80.4 Update: Limit MySQL OPTIMIZE TABLE to once a month.
Changes with netjukebox 6.72
  • Released: 13 March 2021
  • Requirement: PHP 7.3.0 or later with 64-bit support.
  • Requirement: Incremental database update requires at least netjukebox 6.34.9.
  • Update: Tighten cookie exposure by using SameSite=Strict and HttpOnly for none JavaScript cookies.
  • Update: Use more reliable hrtime() for execution time.
  • Update: Google Roboto woff2 fonts updated to version 2.0.
  • Update: Remove multiple workarounds to make the code less complex and better readable.
    most changes are made in: json.php,, and library.js.
  • Remove: SHA1 JavanScript.
  • 6.72.1 Update: Minor file identification improvement.
  • 6.72.2 Update: Replace timestamp portion from SID with longer random string.
    (this will also reduce the required functions in
  • 6.72.3 Update: Show alternative netjukebox version for 32-bit support or older PHP versions.
Changes with netjukebox 6.62
  • Released: 15 Juli 2020
  • Update: netjukebox is now compatible with PHP 7.4
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.20
  • Update: TCPDF updated to version 6.3.2
  • Update: Many code improvements.
  • Bugfix: Prevent "ACK [55@0] {} Not playing" error with playlist previous/next button.
Changes with netjukebox 6.61
  • Released: 2 February 2020
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.19
  • Update: Add new API for Maxmind GeoLite2 database support.
  • 6.61.2 Update: Google image service regex updated.
  • 6.61.2 Update: Use client useragent on image service.
Changes with netjukebox 6.59
  • Released: 30 March 2019
  • New: Add artist auto-suggest to upload page.
  • Update: Improved auto-suggest switching between keyboard and mouse navigation.
  • Update: Update anonymous user values (and set random password) when authenticated.
  • Update: Change header meta name from application-name to generator.
  • Bugfix: Allow login with a user-agent longer than 255 characters.
  • Bugfix: Change status during geolite2 database update.
  • 6.59.2 Update: Some small improvements.
  • 6.59.3 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.17
  • 6.59.4 Update: Some small improvements.
  • 6.59.4 Update: Removed unnecessary filemtimeCompare() function.
  • 6.59.6 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.18
  • 6.59.6 Update: Always update the sid cookie with login stage 1
    This will make the "netjukebox requires cookies for authentication" message more reliable.
  • 6.59.6 Update: Spotify album and artist search URL updated in the file.
Changes with netjukebox 6.58
  • Released: 7 Januari 2019
  • Bugfix: GeoLite IPv6 database update.
  • Bugfix: Allow extracting files on Windows.
    Remove trailing backslash with escapeCmdArg()
    Witch would otherwise be seen as an escape character for "
  • Update: Improved zip, unzip and transcode error messages.
  • Update: Replace al static HTTP/1.1 headers with $_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL']
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 6.57
  • Released: 23 September 2018
  • Update: Show script execution time including Ajax request for download track an album.
  • Update: Use client/server independent reserved characters encoding in cache.
    (this way cache copy commands are not required any more)
  • Update: Directory's with a trailing dot will be encoded to .- and vice versa.
  • 6.57.5 Bugfix: Source download album bug fixed.
  • 6.57.5 Bugfix: Version check bug fixed.
  • 6.57.5 New: File navigator always displays the decoded filename.
  • 6.57.5 New: Upload reserved caracracters behaviour can be setup in the file with:
  • Only server unsuported caracters wil be encoded.
    All reserved characters wil be encoded.
  • 6.57.5 New: Export reserved caracracters can be setup in the file with.
  • 6.57.6 Bugfix: CSS bug fixed (because of missing CSS closing tag all @font-face rules weren't loaded).
  • 6.57.9 New: Copy to clipboard for Share stream, Share download and Share image.
  • 6.57.10 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.16
  • 6.57.10 Update: TCPDF updated to version 6.2.26
  • 6.57.11 Update: Non-anonymous users with multiple sessions have now tree options with logout:
    • Only end this session
    • End other sessions
    • End all sessions
  • 6.57.12 Update: Use anonymous-proxy and satellite-provider data from Maxmind GeoLite2 country database.
  • 6.57.13 Bugfix: Fixed sql version on new installation.
Changes with netjukebox 6.56
  • Released: 5 September 2018
  • Update: Make the whole table cell or row clickable for easier navigation.
  • Update: Rearranged and updated the stylesheet.
  • Update: Improved tooltip javascript.
  • Update: Improved reload in playlist.
  • 6.56.4 Update: scrypt-async-js updated to version 2.0.1
  • 6.56.4 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.15-201809110652
    FLAC mime-type changed from audio/x-flac to audio/flac
    Now Safari on macOS recognizes HTML5 FLAC audio.
  • 6.56.5 New: Show script execution time including Ajax requests.
  • 6.56.5 Update: Some small improvements made to media statistics.
  • 6.56.6 Update: Code cleanup.
  • 6.56.7 Update: Minor improvements.
  • 6.56.8 New: Multicolor media statistics (used space per directory / tolal used disk space).
  • 6.56.8 Update: Various small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 6.55
  • Released: 19 August 2018
  • Update: Configuration file updated.
    Upload directory name can now be configured.
    Renamed external_storage to export_dir.
    Image service updated.
  • Update: License notices updated based on recommendation from gnu.
  • Update: Add memory uses from de error message in debug mode.
  • Update: Ajaxrequest updated.
  • Security: Scripts from the include directory can't run directly anymore.
  • Security: Only update.php and geolite2.php can run from command line.
Changes with netjukebox 6.54
  • Released: 23 May 2018
  • 6.54.2 New: High resolution (retina) country flags.
  • 6.54.2 Update: Code is now compatible with PHP 7.2.
  • 6.54.2 Update: Reanabled 0777 for mkdir.
  • 6.54.3 Update: Some small improvements.
  • 6.54.4 Update: All png images losless optimized with: optipng -o7 -strip all.
  • 6.54.7 Update: Image service code updated.
  • 6.54.7 Update: Image service Google regex updated.
  • 6.54.8 Update: Improved XMLHttpRequest recognition and JSON encoding.
  • 6.54.10 Update: Cache headers updated.
  • 6.54.10 Update: If-None-Match/Etag validation improved.
  • 6.54.12 Update: Some improvements made to Cache headers and If-None-Match/Etag validation.
  • 6.54.13 Update: Simplified Cache headers.
  • 6.54.14 Update: Various small improvements.
  • 6.54.15 Update: Various small improvements.
  • 6.54.16 Update: Various small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 6.53
  • Released: 2 May 2018
  • New: Download and install Maxmind GeoLite2 country database.
    With GeoLite2 installed netjukebox will only use MySQL requests for country lookup.
  • 6.53.2 Update: Improved GeoLite2 error messages.
Changes with netjukebox 6.52
  • Released: 5 April 2018
  • Update: Removed old PHP fallback code.
    Now netjukebox requires PHP 5.4.0 or newer.
  • Update: MySQL code improved.
  • Update: Message code improved.
  • New: Try to get client ip on reverse proxy.
  • New: MySQL now supports utf8mb4.
  • New: Debug info now shows MySQL host and detailed error message.
  • 6.52.4 Update: TCPDF updated to version 6.2.17
  • 6.52.4 Update: Roboto TTF updated to version 2.137
  • 6.52.4 Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 6.37
  • Released: 3 Januari 2018
  • New: Display total file size in file manager.
  • New: Load separate fonts.css form lib/fonts/xxx/fonts.css based on first font name in font-family: xxx, ...
  • Update: Update Roboto woff2 fonts to latest version.
  • Security: Replace two rawurldecode() functions by rawurlencode().
  • 6.37.2 Update: Share download code improved.
  • 6.37.2 Update: Cleanup share stream/download code.
  • 6.37.3 New: Display transcode threshold bitrate on mouseover in download and stream profile.
  • 6.37.3 Update: scrypt-async.js updated to latest version.
  • 6.37.4 Update: Cleanup css/javascript cache code.
  • 6.37.5 Update: Cleanup spaces between tabs.
  • 6.37.6 Update: Cleanup thumbnail HTML code.
  • 6.37.9 Update: Internet search updated.
  • 6.37.9 Update: Some small improvements.
  • 6.37.9 Bugfix: VLC quoted files playback fixed.
  • 6.37.11 Update: randomBytes() string lenght validation.
  • 6.37.11 Update: readme.txt updated.
Changes with netjukebox 6.36
  • Released: 30 November 2017
  • New: Make switching between stream and play mode available in the whole media tree.
  • Update: Cleanup switching code.
  • Update: Use initilize function for play and header to prevent unnecessary global variables.
  • 6.36.2 Update: Don't store user settings in the browser history.
    (after setting a value ridirect to source page)
Changes with netjukebox 6.35
  • Released: 6 August 2017
  • New: Upload media files.
  • Update: Replace cd_front.jpg/cd_front.png with cover.jpg/cover.png
    and cd_back.jpg/cd_back.png with back.jpg/back.png in the file.
    netjukebox will include a mass rename tool in tools/mass-cover-rename.php
  • A complete changelog is following.
  • 6.35.2 Bugfix: Now getID3() encoding is correctly set.
    (this could halt the update script with embeded images in the media files)
  • 6.35.3 Bugfix: Set hard coded play_mode and stream_mode when play_switch mode is false.
  • 6.35.4 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.15
Changes with netjukebox 6.34
  • Released: 25 May 2017
  • Update: Netjukebox uses Paul Johnston's Alternative Login System.
    Use the same approach but replaced hmac hash with scrypt.
    All existing users will seamlessly migrated to scrypt authentication after one valid login.
  • New: Allow users to change their password.
  • 6.34.2 Update: Code cleanup and some minor bug fixes.
  • 6.34.4 Update: Improved fake seed generation.
  • 6.34.5 Bugfix: User password change now only update the logged in user.
  • 6.34.6 Update: Changed scrypt work factor parameter from logN to N.
  • 6.34.7 Update: Code cleanup.
  • 6.34.8 Update: Some minor improvements.
  • 6.34.9 Update: Increased scrypt dkLen from 32 to 64.
    Update: Validate scrypt output lenght based on dkLen.
    Update: Validate scrypt output on hex characters.
    Bugfix: First login from unknown IP adress will no longer fail.
  • 6.34.11 Update: Relaxing HTML5 flac audio and XMLHttpRequest browser support check.
  • 6.34.12 Update: Improved fake seed generation.
  • 6.34.13 Bugfix: Copy bug fixed in zip script.
Changes with netjukebox 6.33
  • Released: 14 March 2017
  • New: HTML5 audio streaming.
    Use two HTML5 audio players in the background to prevent buffering pauses between the tracks.
    It is always possible to resume the playlist because the url and play-state are stored.
    Automatic fallback to m3u streaming when one or more media files are not supported or can't be transcoded.
  • New: Player, Stream, Download and Skin profile are now user based instead of session based.
    All anonymous user settings stay session based.
  • 6.33.6 Update: Share stream doesn't need a separate landing place anymore.
  • 6.33.6 Update: Code cleanup.
  • 6.33.7 Update: Add featuring column to HTML streaming.
  • 6.33.7 Update: Improved restore playstate.
  • 6.33.8 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.14
  • 6.33.9 Update: Use local Roboto woff2 fonts instead of Google Fonts API.
    Unsupported web browsers will fallback to Web Safe Fonts (Arial, Helvetica or sans-serif).
  • 6.33.10 Update: New challenge response login system that makes use of localeStorge for client seed.
  • 6.33.11 Bugfix: Session sign and session seed now get a different initialize value after login.
  • 6.33.12 Update: Some minor improvements to the login system.
  • 6.33.13 Update: Reversing to Paul Johnston alternative login system 6.33.9.
  • 6.33.14 Bugfix: File structure timed out after 60 seconds increased to 15 minutes.
    (thanks: CBrown519)
Changes with netjukebox 6.32
  • Released: 29 January 2017
  • New: Autosuggest keyboard navigation.
  • New: Make the whole row selectable in year view.
  • Update: Improved browser detection.
  • Update: When possible replace innerHTML with textContent.
  • Update: Replace untrusted innerHTML content with external href, scr or use html encoding.
  • Update: Select all elements with getElementByID or getElementsByName.
  • Update: Make use of classList when add or delete a class name.
  • Update: Many other security and code improvements.
  • 6.32.2 Bugfix: Fixed page error when transcoding a track.
  • 6.32.3 Bugfix: Date bug fixed in Popular > Recent view.
  • 6.32.3 Bugfix: Cosmetic bugs in User(s) view fixed.
Changes with netjukebox 6.31
  • Released: 4 January 2017
  • New: Show overlay information on image update.
  • Update: Google image update is working again but is slow.
  • Update: Playlist buttons and (progress) bar are now 25 pixels high.
  • Update: Regex image update is now limited to 20 images.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
  • Bugfix: Deleted outdated resolution cookie code form update.
  • Bugfix: On various places the tabs where incorrect.
  • Bugfix: formattedMonth was missing in the formattedDate function.
Changes with netjukebox 6.30
  • Released: 11 December 2016
  • New: Add Artist and Album overlay to thumbnails (inspired on LastFM).
  • New: Add menu option to quick change between Play and Stream mode.
    The text part of the thumbnail can be used to Play or Stream the album.
  • New: Show available number of Albums or Tracks when mouseover an Artist field.
  • New: Add recent tab to Popular view
  • Update: Rewritten the Popular view to use thumbnails instead of text only.
  • Update: When available columns start with Track (and then: Artist, Featuring, Album) so that the Add/Play or Stream icon will be linked to that Track.
  • Update: Autosuggest is rewritten for better browser compatibility (now it will work with Safari on iPad).
  • Update: Improved layout with more whitespace.
  • Update: Many small improvements.
  • Removed: CD recording is removed.
Changes with netjukebox 6.29
  • Released: 11 November 2016
  • Update: Cleanup the Explode/Implode code.
  • Update: Only update the Explode/Implode session database on changes.
  • Update: Replaced the Next button besides the Previous button on multiple pages.
  • Update: Alway show the Previous and Next button on multiple pages and make them only clickable when needed.
Changes with netjukebox 6.28
  • Released: 6 November 2016
  • New: Explode genre Artists to Albums.
  • New: Explode Artists on first letter to Albums.
  • New: Implode the Explode view.
  • New: Remember Explode/Implode in session database (same as List/Thumbnail view).
    Reset the session database on new login to Implode and Thumbnail view.
Changes with netjukebox 6.27
  • Released: 5 November 2016
  • New: Responsive thumbnail grid.
  • Update: Set random_blacklist in user database instead of session database except for anonymous user.
  • Bugfix: Allow setting a empty random_blacklist.
Changes with netjukebox 6.26
  • Released: 28 September 2016
  • Note: Increased version number because of a bug in the update script.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the update script that could lead to double listed songs.
  • Update: Replaced local font-css with @import.
  • Update: Roboto TTF font updated.
  • Update: URL's from included scripts and fonts updated.
  • Update: Replaced About with netjukebox including version number.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 6.21
  • Released: 10 August 2016
  • New: Replace QR code library with "PHP QR Code" witch is much smaller in size.
Changes with netjukebox 6.20.x
  • Released: 21 May 2016
  • New: TCPDF cover implementation (no need for PDFlib anymore)
  • Update: Code is now compatible with PHP 7.0 and MySQL 5.7
  • Bugfix: Update continues after embedded image.
  • 6.20.2 Update: Recursive scan now checks if a media file is readable.
  • 6.20.2 Update: Some minor pdf improvements.
  • 6.20.2 Update: Removed unneeded directories in lib/qrcode/data/.
Changes with netjukebox 6.09.x
  • Released: 27 February 2016
  • New: IPV6 country lookup.
  • New: IP country cache.
  • Update: IPV6 database optimalisation.
  • 6.09.1 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.12
Changes with netjukebox 6.08.x
  • Released: 2 juli 2015
  • New: Roboto @font-face
  • New: High resolution (retina) menu and sub menu.
  • New: Add info-zip alternative to config file.
    (thanks: ix6tech)
  • Update: Replace all html <b> tags with <strong>.
  • Update: Replace all html <i> tags with <em>.
  • Bugfix: Now anonymous user can logout when no privilege is set.
    (thanks: ix6tech)
  • 6.08.2 Update: Only use the latin subset for Roboto Light.
  • 6.08.2 Update: Better local img and fonts detection in css-url-update.php
  • 6.08.3 Bugfix: Playlist replay-gain button now correctly loops trough: album, track, fade, off
  • 6.08.4 Update: Random hex creation.
  • 6.08.4 Update: Force generating new server seed.
  • 6.08.x Update: Random hex, sid and seed creation.
  • 6.08.x Update: Force generating new server seed.
  • 6.08.8 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.10
  • 6.08.9 Update: Small improvement to genre navigator.
  • 6.08.10 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.11
  • 6.08.11 Update: Updated internet search in configuration file.
Changes with netjukebox 6.07
  • Released: 2 januari 2015
  • Code cleanup and bug fixes
Changes with netjukebox 6.06
  • Released: 14 december 2014
  • Update: Get ride of inline dynamic content with @ob_flush() and flush()
    Instead use AJAX for download transcode, batch transcode, record, copy album and update.
  • Update: Remove javascript eval() fallback.
  • Update: Use seconds instead of milliseconds for playtime statistics (prevent 32 bit overflow)
  • Bugfix: CD-TEXT implementation
Changes with netjukebox 6.05
  • New: Add navigator suggestion for user statistics
  • New: Add password support for MPD
  • New: Add password support for VLC
    (thanks: Fe-X)
  • Update: Change genre navigator in Media > genre > artis > year > album to suggestion.
    (now only Media > artist > year > album will be visible in browser history)
  • Update: Allow changing useragent with image search
    (now google image search works again)
  • Bugfix: Ignore "iTunes" sub directory with update
  • Bugfix: Only explode Name, Surname with one ,
Changes with netjukebox 6.04.x
  • Released: 29 march 2014
  • Update: Improve iOS streaming
    (single track streaming will always work, multiple tracks streaming will only work if the tracks have approximately the same playtime)
  • Update: Improved authentication for download and streaming.
  • Update: Many small improvements.
  • 6.04.2 Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.8
  • 6.04.3 Bugfix: Play MPD files with double quote
  • 6.04.3 Bugfix: Correct search result with double quote in the query
Changes with netjukebox 6.03
  • Released: 22 december 2013
  • Security: Only allow anonymous user login when "anonymous autologin" is enabled.
  • New: Unselect "Lock to ip address" with known mobile browsers.
  • Update: Improved mobile browser detection.
Changes with netjukebox 6.02
  • Released: 8 december 2013
  • Security: Fix internet search authentication.
  • Update: Cleanup MySQL data type.
Changes with netjukebox 6.01
  • Released: 23 november 2013
  • New: Show current player profile in media tab.
  • New: Select player profile directly from media tab.
  • Update: Only show current player profile in media, favorites and playlist tab when more than one profile exists.
  • Bugfix: Display volume percentage in the right color.
  • Bugfix: In playlist show the complete html title corresponding to the navigator.
Changes with netjukebox 6.00
  • Released: 10 november 2013
  • New: Rewrite netjukebox to generate valid HTML5 code.
  • New: Rewrite HTML and CSS for better skin support.
  • Use list style structure for: menu, submenu, navigator, tab, footer & login.
    Where possible get rid of tables (only use tables for tabular data).
  • New: Graphical navigator with suggestions.
  • New: Show current player profile in favorites and playlist.
  • New: Select player profile directly from favorites and playlist.
  • New: Music player daemon crossfade.
  • New: Stream current playlist.
  • Update: Revisited new view.
    (thanks: jeremy)
  • Update: Partial hide sid in m3u playlis.
  • Update: Download and cover will use the same authentication scheme as streaming (not relying on cookie and useragent).
  • Update: Replace overLIB with tooltip.
  • Update: Many small and large improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.38.x
  • Released: 12 August 2012
  • Update: Improve load time by first request (or cleared cache) on low powered servers.
    Removed the minify scripts but still use the javascript and css cache system.
    The larger files shouldn't be a problem because they only have to be downloaded once.
    (thanks: charliego)
  • Bugfix: Many small bug fixes
  • 5.38.2: Fix transcode bug from mpc source.
  • Starts initialize script earlier.
  • 5.38.3: Hide m3u playlist on Linux and OS X operating system by using dotfiles.
  • 5.38.4: MySQL port number and socket should now work.
    (thanks: der_mythos)
  • 5.38.5: getID3() updated to version 1.9.5.
  • Replace the DejaVu fonts with Roboto fonts.
Changes with netjukebox 5.37
  • Released: 20 May 2012
  • New: Minify CSS with CssMin.
  • New: Minify and concat JavaScripts with JSMinPlus.
    (thanks for the concept: godsyn)
  • New: Cache CSS and JavaScript for a year, use a unique hash to prevent old versions.
  • New: Cache album images for a year, use unique id's to prevent old images.
  • New: Use only one resolution for all album images.
  • Update: Load image_error.png on all errors in the image.php script.
  • Update: Removed initialize AJAX request on index page.
  • Update: Allow stop and continue the "file info" update process.
  • Update: overLIB updated to version 4.22
  • Bugfix: Fix MySQL error messages snowball effect.
  • Bugfix: Load include/ earlier to display all error messages from the command line correctly.
Changes with netjukebox 5.36
  • Released: 29 April 2012
  • New: Duplication checking.
    (thanks: Steffen)
  • New: Show playtime in days when needed, example: (48 days) 1171:31:17
    (thanks: Steffen)
  • New: Allow deleting duplicate and error files.
    By default, this feature is disabled in the file.
  • Update: Some E-Warnings suppressed.
  • Bugfix: Error message did't always show up.
Changes with netjukebox 5.35
  • Released: 11 March 2012
  • Update: Use JSON instead of JavaScript functions for all AJAX calls,
    allow fallback to eval() when JSON.parse() is not available.
  • Update: Disable remove magic quotes from the globalize script with PHP 5.4.0 and later,
    for older PHP versions netjukebox checks the get_magic_quotes_gpc() value.
  • Update: Lock cookies to HTTPS with HTTPS connection.
  • Update: Use free available "Internet ip tools" in the config file.
  • Bugfix: Temporarily debug line removed from the update script.
  • Bugfix: Show the correct error message for Safari and other WebKit browsers that have disabled cookies
    but still send old cookies witch have not been removed.
Changes with netjukebox 5.34
  • Released: 6 February 2012
  • Update: Use AJAX post instead of get for login.
  • Update: Cleanup and improve JavaScripts.
  • Update: Drop IE 6 support.
Changes with netjukebox 5.33
  • Released: 29 January 2012
  • Update: Bugfix: Multiple disc support for 10 or more discs.
    (thanks: landruid)
  • Update: Code cleanup.
Changes with netjukebox 5.32
  • Released: 11 January 2012
  • Update: Force file info update with new netjukebox or getID3() version.
  • Update: Code cleanup.
Changes with netjukebox 5.31
  • Released: 18 December 2011
  • New: Allow ading m3u/pls (radio stations) to favorites.
  • Update: Update Amazon Web Services API with the required AssociateTag.
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.3
Changes with netjukebox 5.30.x
  • Released: 5 November 2011
  • New: File manager for external storage (portable media player).
  • Update: Make skins frameless.
  • Update: Update in alphabetic order on all operating systems.
  • 5.30.2: Two minor bugs fixed.
Changes with netjukebox 5.29.x
  • Released: 4 September 2011
  • Bugfix: Rename the javascript directory to javascript-njb to prevent problems with the Linux javascript-common package.
  • Bugfix: Allow Linux to transcoding files with a $ sign in the filename.
    $cfg['cmd_escape_dollar'] = true;
  • Bugfix: Some "cli update" bugs have now been fixed.
  • New: Add configuration option to enable or disable auto database creation.
    $cfg['mysqli_auto_create_db'] = false;
  • 5.29.2: Improved file permission checking in various scripts.
  • 5.29.3: Use uniform "/r" line breaks in all scripts.
    This can be updated with the tools/line-break-converter.php script.
  • 5.29.4: Removed escape dollar approach and replaced by execute Linux shell command inside single quotes.
  • Files with double quotes in it are now supported to download from a Linux server to a Linux client.
  • 5.29.5: getID3() updated to version 1.9.1
  • 5.29.6: Cache rename bug fix.
  • 5.29.7: Minor improvements.
  • 5.29.8: Add maintenance page.
    Old IE download workaround removed.
Changes with netjukebox 5.28
  • Released: 24 June 2011
  • New: Added image service support for and google.
  • New: Combined Artist/Album internet search.
  • New: Basic template for header and footer.
  • Bugfix: Show selected skin on error message.
  • Bugfix: Set the correct picturetypeid (0x03) for transcoded mp3 files.
  • Update: Crop PDF front cover images the same way as thumbnail images.
  • Update: Open PDF cover inline instead of attachment.
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.9.0
Changes with netjukebox 5.27
  • Released: 20 May 2011
  • New: Add new playlist options to the config file.
    add_autoplay: Automatic start playing when "add" a track or album to a empty playlist.
    play_queue: Will queue files to the playlist with "play" and start playing the last queued track or album.
  • New: Add quantity of Album artists to the statistics page.
  • Bugfix: Support manual database installation with sql file.
  • Bugfix: Faster play status with MPD player.
  • Bugfix: Recognize artists with , and & in the name like:
    Crosby, stils & nash
    Blood, sweat & tears
Changes with netjukebox 5.26
  • Released: 12 March 2011
  • Multi platform support now actively tested on: Windows, OS X and Ubuntu.
  • Update: Support for Music Player Daemon 0.15.15 and earlier.
    (Music Player Daemon 0.16.0 and later are already supported)
  • Bugfix: Cross-site scripting vulnerability fixed.
  • Bugfix: Hide playlist volume control for unsupported mpd player.
    (mixer_type "disabled")
Changes with netjukebox 5.25
  • Released: 5 March 2011
  • New: OS X compatible (Linux and Unix untested)
  • New: Music Player Daemon 0.16.0 and later support.
  • New: Add replay gain mode to the playlist (Music Player Daemon only)
  • New: Update embedded pictures and id tags from the cache on the fly.
  • New: Auto encode/decode filenames (unsupported characters) based on client operating system.
  • Update: Add support for files larger than 2GB (64-bit PHP installations only)
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.8.5
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.33
  • Update: All netjukebox scripts rewritten to a more common indent.
Changes with netjukebox 5.24
  • Released: 12 December 2010
  • Update: getID3() downgraded to version 1.8.2
    because version 2.x is not actively in development at the moment.
Changes with netjukebox 5.23.x
  • Released: 26 November 2010
  • New: Only show a logout menu when there are more valid session from the current user.
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 2.0.0b6
  • Update: Improvements to the update and cache system.
Changes with netjukebox 5.22
  • Released: 10 July 2010
  • New: Share stream.
    A shared stream will be locked to the first IP address that uses it.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.21
  • Released: 12 June 2010
  • New: Online version checking.
    (only available for users with "admin" rights)
  • New: Show wave and zip files in the "Batch transcode" menu.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.31.
Changes with netjukebox 5.20
  • Released: 9 May 2010
  • New: iPhone, iPad & iPod streaming support.
    (somehow streaming on the iPhone only works properly with the lowest stream profile)
  • New: Resume download support.
  • New: Cache downloads with the If-None-Match/Etag header.
  • Update: Improve random view and playback.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.19
  • Released: 28 February 2010
  • New: Random view and playback.
  • New: Remember album view (list or thumbnail) based on session.
  • Update: Improve opensearch authentication.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.18
  • Released: 31 January 2010
  • New: Opensearch support.
  • New: Auto start download after transcode or creating a zip file.
  • New: Allow logout all sessions from the current user.
    (except for the anonymous user)
  • Update: Improve the memory footprint for downloading and streaming.
  • Update: Many small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.17
  • Released: 11 October 2009
  • New: Add new user privilege "View media statistics" to all users.
  • New: The admin user can now have disabled one or more features.
  • New: On "Access right" and "Users" display onMouseOver information.
  • Update: Change config to admin in web interface and database.
Changes with netjukebox 5.16b
  • Released: 22 August 2009
  • Update: Add the required authentication Signature to the Amazone Web Service.
Changes with netjukebox 5.16
  • Released: 2 August 2009
  • Update: Some images moved to the skin directory.
  • Update: Improve statistics.
  • Update: Code cleanup.
Changes with netjukebox 5.15
  • Released: 12 July 2009
  • New: Add clean skin.
  • New: Add country name and flag to online users.
  • New: Add image support to bbcode.
  • Bugfix: Firefox 3.5 anonymous login.
  • Update: Improve playback response time.
    start playback after the first track is loaded.
  • Update: SHA1 JavaScript updated to version 2.2.
  • Update: Improve update speed.
  • Update: Improve redirect script.
Changes with netjukebox 5.14
  • Released: 7 June 2009
  • New: Edit genre structure with the web interface.
  • New: Add inverse genre selection.
  • New: Add genre none to genre edit.
  • Update: Changed layouts of genre edit.
  • Update: Save image_front and image_back as relative directory in the database.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.13
  • Released: 9 May 2009
  • Update: Improve videoLAN response time.
  • Update: Improved httpQ and videoLAN error message.
Changes with netjukebox 5.12
  • Released: 28 April 2009
  • New: Display an error message when cookies are disabled.
  • Bugfix: Allow login from browsers with very long user agents.
Changes with netjukebox 5.11
  • Released: 11 April 2009
  • New: Add mobile tagging support to shared album.
  • New: Add hyperlink to the list view.
  • Update: Rearrange album features.
Changes with netjukebox 5.10
  • Released: 03 March 2009
  • New: Add database size to Media statistics.
  • New: Add image front and back upload.
  • New: Allow selecting a skin profile.
    (the same way as player, download and stream profile)
  • Update: Remove image_name, and use image_front for thumbnails and pdf covers.
    Only display image_front above a specified resolution in the pdf cover (image_front_cover_treshold).
  • Update: Replace all gif images with png images.
  • Update: Make all png icons alpha transparent.
  • Update: Display popular based on all users instead of current user.
Changes with netjukebox 5.09
  • Released: 28 December 2008
  • New: Extend "Popular" and "User statistics" with an "Overall" tab.
    (netjukebox 5.08d doesn't delete user statistics after one year)
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.28.
  • Update: Many other small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.08
  • Released: 29 November 2008
  • New: Basic videoLAN support.
  • Update: Send charset header.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.27.
  • Update: Many other small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.07
  • Released: 19 August 2008
  • New: Display cache size per profile.
  • New: Delete cache files per profile.
  • Update: Store new cache files in two levels depth (0..f) directory.
    (old cache files will still work)
  • Update: Moved cache cleanup from update to batch transcode.
  • Update: Ogg decoder setting updated in the configuration file.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.26.
  • Update: Many other small improvements.
  • Bugfix: Fixed headers already send.
Changes with netjukebox 5.06
  • Released: 17 July 2008
  • New: Add title bar information.
  • Update: Do all httpQ requests with AJAX.
    This will prevent triggering an httpQ (play, add, pause, etc) command when using the back or forward button.
  • Update: Make message AJAX compatible.
  • Update: Get ride of the dummy iframe.
  • Update: Many other small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.05
  • Released: 30 April 2008
  • New: Add MySQL engine support with a MySQLi to MySQL script converter:
  • Bugfix: Fix progress status with command line update.
  • Update: readme.txt updated.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.04e
  • Released: 28 April 2008
  • Bugfix: One-track playlist fixed.
  • Update: Improve alignment netjukebox logo.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.04d
  • Released: 17 April 2008
  • Update: Increase shared image bit depth form 256 (gif) to true color (png).
  • Update: Escape all XMLHttpRequest get values.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.04c
  • Released: 13 April 2008
  • Bugfix: Allow batch transcoding from multiple download profiles.
  • Update: Disable user counter for batch transcoding.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.04b
  • Released: 4 April 2008
  • Bugfix: Login problem fixed.
  • New: Add onMouseOver BBcode reference.
    (favorites comment field)
Changes with netjukebox 5.04
  • Released: 18 March 2008
  • New: Copy original or transcoded album to a portable media player.
  • Bugfix: Database fixed for shared album.
  • Update: Change all filesize field types in the database to bigint.
    (first transition for >2GB files support)
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.24.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.03
  • Released: 13 March 2008
  • New: Rebuild download cache on album basis.
  • New: Add sorting order to the year view.
  • Bugfix: Display the first blocked IP address in online.
  • Bugfix: removeMagicQuotes() fixed for array input.
  • Update: Make the script compatible with the new httpQ 3.1 plugin
    and use the new GETHASH command.
  • Update: Make the playlist AJAX driven.
  • Update: Only count none AJAX requests.
  • Update: Make the randomKey() Base64 URL compatible.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.23.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.02d
  • Released: 17 January 2008
  • Bugfix: Typo fixed in statistics.php.
Changes with netjukebox 5.02c
  • Released: 15 January 2008
  • Update: Escape _ and % input for all LIKE queries.
  • Update: Remove cleanup from fast update.
  • Update: Move Access right from Session profile to Configuration.
Changes with netjukebox 5.02b
  • Released: 8 January 2008
  • Bugfix: Critical typo fixed in the record.php script.
Changes with netjukebox 5.02
  • Released: 4 January 2008
  • New: Add year to zip file.
  • New: Add filesize to shared album email.
  • Update: Greatly improved onmouseover download album and track information.
  • Update: Flatten all configuration_x tables to make the query's easier to read.
Changes with netjukebox 5.01e
  • Released: 31 December 2007
  • Bugfix: This fix will not loss any genre id's after updating from netjukebox 4 or older.
    (thanks: hulby for reporting)
Changes with netjukebox 5.01b
  • Released: 28 December 2007
  • Bugfix: Fix file extension detection for streaming.
    In some situations like video streaming netjukebox previous send the wrong file extension.
    (not all media player make use of the file extension but use the stream header)
Changes with netjukebox 5.01
  • Released: 27 December 2007
  • New: Batch transcoding.
  • New: Cache expire time for pack (zip), wave and losless files can now be set in the configuration file.
    This will free up space for slower to transcode (mp3/ogg) files in the cache
  • New: Stream files from download-cache when available.
  • New: Add seekable stream support from download-cache and source files.
    Also files below transcode threshold are seekable (same as source files).
    Real time transcoded streams will NOT be seekable.
  • New: Make the year view expandable the same way as a-z.
  • Bugfix: Fix error message when expanding an empty artist.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00e
  • Released: 16 December 2007
  • Bugfix: Update stream/download profile validation to accept source.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00d
  • Released: 15 December 2007
  • Bugfix: Redirect fixed for share image when not logged it.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.22.
  • Update: Authenticate validation updated to only accept 40 hex for both hashes.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00c
  • Released: 9 December 2007
  • Update: Render problem about screen fixed.
  • Update: Some improvements to the error messages.
  • Bugfix: Some minor bugs fixed.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00b
  • Released: 8 December 2007
  • Bugfix: Versioncompare fixed to support PHP 5.2.0.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00
  • Released: 8 December 2007
  • New: Add session default for Winamp httpQ profile.
  • New: Add graphical bar to media year and media statistics.
  • Update: Removed unnecessary pack and bin2hex from hmac sha1 code.
  • Update: Code cleanup and bug fixes.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00 RC2
  • Released: 2 December 2007
  • Bugfix: Fix SQL syntax for new database creation.
  • Bugfix: Updated the transcode code to allow empty $cfg['encode_image'][] in the configuration file.
  • New: Make year selectable in media.
  • Update: Define default image size onMouseOver.
  • Update: Code cleanup.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00 RC1
  • Released: 28 November 2007
  • Update: Playlist stylesheet improved.
  • Update: Autosuggest stylesheet improved.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00 beta 3
  • Released: 27 November 2007
  • New: Update continues after an error in getID3().
    The error can later be viewed trough the update or media statistics screen.
  • New: Add onMouseOver image.
  • Bugfix: Fix MySQLi socket connection.
  • Bugfix: Fix minor CSS error.
  • Update: Auto aligns vertical position onMouseOver.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00 beta 2
  • Released: 24 November 2007
  • Bugfix: Fix playlist progressbar for Firefox and Safari.
    (thanks: Philip Kranz)
  • Update: Make the user statistics navigator more logical.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 5.00 beta 1
  • Released: 21 November 2007
  • New: Read embedded FLAC images.
  • New: Improved skin support, stylesheet has much more control over the layout.
    (thanks: Philip Kranz for all the feedback)
  • New: Add a database driven cache system for transcoded audio.
  • New: Add track/disc number tag to transconded stream or download.
  • New: Add easy to configure internet search queries to the configuration file.
  • New: Embed image in transcoded mp3.
    (requires LAME 3.98 or patched LAME 3.97 by Nyaochi's)
  • New: Allow single album with more than 99 tracks.
    There are now three ways for track numbering:
    01�99 (track 1 till 99)
    001�999 (track 1 till 999)
    101�999 (disc 1 track 1 till disc 9 track 99)
  • New: Display real track number on mouseover.
  • New: Create e-mail for shared album.
  • New: Add detailed user statistics.
  • Update: Use the new PHP MySQLi database client.
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 2.0.0b2
  • Update: Use PDFlib 5 commands.
  • Use uniform directory and file scheme in all scripts.
    (all full and relative directory's end with a slash,
    all relative files and directory's start without a slash)
  • Update: Get ride of all html hr tags.
  • Update: Add hour support for track playtime.
  • Update: Allow users with Playlist, Play or Add rights to select an httpQ profile.
    (only a user with Config rights can edit, add or delete a httpQ profile)
  • Update: Many other improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.08c
  • Released: 17 April 2008
  • Update: Increase shared image bit depth form 256 (gif) to true color (png).
  • Update: Escape all XMLHttpRequest get values.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.08b
  • Released: 4 April 2008
  • Bugfix: Login problem fixed.
Changes with netjukebox 4.08
  • Released: 3 April 2008
  • New: Back port seekable streaming from netjukebox 5.
  • New: Allow BBCode in the favorites comment field.
  • New: Add onMouseOver BBcode reference.
    (favorites comment field)
  • Update: Some minor improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.07
  • Released: 13 March 2008
  • Update: Make the script compatible with the new httpQ 3.1 plugin
    and use the new GETHASH command.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.23.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.06b
  • Released: 15 December 2007
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.22.
  • Update: Authenticate validation updated to only accept 40 hex for both hashes.
Changes with netjukebox 4.06
  • Released: 11 November 2007
  • Update: Base the RandomKey function on uniqid instead of mt_rand witch could have lead to double items in the session database.
  • Update: Set the screen with session cookie by the window width instead of the total screen width.
  • Update: Allow opening a download with an associated program.
  • Update: Only show the anonymous password if the username is anonymous.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.21.
Changes with netjukebox 4.05e
  • Released: 15 October 2007
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.7.8b2
  • Update: Show anonymous password for login.
Changes with netjukebox 4.05d
  • Released: 29 September 2007
  • Bugfix: CSS fix for checkbox space.
  • Bugfix: In some situations the go back button from genre edit didn't work.
  • Update: The cancel button in genre edit now links to the previous page instead of the index page.
Changes with netjukebox 4.05c
  • Released: 23 September 2007
  • Update: Configuration file updated to support aac, m4a and tta transcoding.
    At the moment aac and m4a can only be transcoded to mp3.
  • Update: Changed the OGG portable profile to --quality 4.
  • Update: Increased the transcode threshold to 120%.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.20.
Changes with netjukebox 4.05b
  • Released: 30 August 2007
  • Bugfix: Back button and bbcode fixed on genre message.
  • Update: bbcode updated.
  • Update: Minor improvement to the login system.
Changes with netjukebox 4.05
  • Released: 27 August 2007
  • Security: Replaced html in all message() function calls with bbcode.
    message.php now encodes all post data with htmlentities and allow some basic bbcode.
  • Bugfix: Typo fixed in index.php
    (thanks: mchaffer)
  • Update: Detect stream url's with a regular expression and get ride off the stream section in the configuration file.
Changes with netjukebox 4.04g
  • Released: 18 August 2007
  • Security: Sanitise location header before adding it to the auto submit form.
Changes with netjukebox 4.04f
  • Released: 17 August 2007
  • Update: The redirect.php script now recognizes and uses the location header.
Changes with netjukebox 4.04e
  • Released: 6 August 2007
  • Bugfix: Image share fallback is now properly working.
  • Update: Increase the configuration_counter expire time to one year for a better transition to the new statistics in netjukebox 5.00
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.19.
Changes with netjukebox 4.04d
  • Released: 3 August 2007
  • Update: Display error message for unsupported input in the stream.php and httpq.php script.
Changes with netjukebox 4.04c
  • Released: 31 July 2007
  • Update: Display error message when id can't be written.
Changes with netjukebox 4.04b
  • Released: 28 July 2007
  • Bugfix: Fixed download url in index.php (view3all).
    (thanks: jtmangan for reporting)
Changes with netjukebox 4.04
  • Released: 19 July 2007
  • New: This program is now licensed under GNU GPLv3.
  • New: Hide content of temp directory, for web servers that create indexes.
  • Bugfix: Fix download problems when php zlib.output_compression is enabled.
    (thanks: pieter for reporting)
Changes with netjukebox 4.03b
  • Released: 13 July 2007
  • Bugfix: Redirect after editing genre fixed.
    (thanks: wp180 for reporting)
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.03
  • Released: 5 July 2007
  • New: Create a unique url for one time downloading an album.
    (the url will expires after one week time or after starting the download)
  • New: Update directly suggests updating undefined images from the internet.
  • Update: DejaVu fonts updated to version 2.18.
  • Update: Extensively checked for xss injections and code cleanup.
Changes with netjukebox 4.02c
  • Released: 26 June 2007
  • Security: Exit the script with error message on unsupported input values.
  • Security: Add rawurlencode() and htmlentities() on many places.
  • Security: Changed the code to get ride off $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'].
  • Update: Made some improvement to the genre.php script.
Changes with netjukebox 4.02b
  • Released: 24 June 2007
  • Update: Replaced htmlentities by rawurlencode on redirect.phh and
  • Update: Made some improvements to the genre section of index.php.
  • Update: Made some grammatical improvements to the error messages.
Changes with netjukebox 4.02
  • Released: 23 June 2007
  • Security: Multiple cross-site scripting holes fixed.
    ISS XForce 35007 SA25741
  • New: Set default stream and download profile for new sessions.
  • New: Shared image can now also display the most played or streamed album from the last week or month.
  • New: Shared image can now link to the album that is displayed.
  • New: Add open source ttf font for shared image.
    (this is the main reason why netjukebox is that much larger in size)
  • Update: Overwrite 5 pixels margin for to long text on shared image.
  • Update: Search Allmusic & Wikipedia for Album instead of Artist for none_album_artist.
  • Update: Correct album artist search result when there is only one mach.
  • Update: Minor improvements to the image update preg_mach.
  • Update: Code cleanup and many small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.01b
  • Released: 21 June 2007
  • Bugfix: Now process unchanged embedded APIC images correctly.
  • Update: Grammatical correction.
Changes with netjukebox 4.01
  • Released: 26 May 2007
  • New: Share album information for external websites or forums.
    This can be configured for the last played, new added or most popular album.
  • New: Read embedded APIC images from first music file when no other image is found.
  • Update: Make error messages CLI compatible.
  • Update: Improve browser compatibility by changing the first login stage with an AJAX get request.
    (the second login stage is still done with post)
  • Update: AJAX cache can now be disabled.
  • Update: Signature both login stages and validate them.
  • Update: Add a signature to the httpq profile, stream profile and download profile and validate them.
  • Update: Check if a username already exist.
  • Update: Add track numbers to view3 on mouseover.
  • Update: Remove LAME (mp3) --noreplaygain settings for downloading.
  • Update: By default phpinfo is disabled.
  • Update: Improve resample image.
  • Update: Manny other small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.00
  • Released: 24 March 2007
  • New: Allow update from the command line.
    (Example: C:\PHP\cli\php.exe "D:\Internet\netjukebox\update.php" update silent)
  • Update: Streaming fixed for players that send the wrong header.
    (removed streaming header checking)
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.00 RC2
  • Released: 20 March 2007
  • Bugfix: Query fixed in blocking mechanism.
  • Update: Loosened the "internet image" update.
    Needed because Amazone has changed the image url's.
  • Update: Stream also updates visit & valid counter.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.00 RC1
  • Released: 18 March 2007
  • Update: Fallback to GET XMLHttpRequest login for better compatibility with older web browsers.
  • Update: Rewritten blocking system.
  • Update: After validate streaming the session idle time will be updated.
  • Update: Manny other improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 4.00 beta 5
  • Released: 28 February 2007
  • New: Copy original internet image to local hd.
    (can be configured in the file with)
  • New: Image and cover names can be configured in the file.
  • New: Make favorites streamable.
  • New: Add POST XMLHttpRequest support for login.
  • New: Display error message when XMLHttpRequest or ActiveX XMLHttpRequest can not be loaded.
  • New: OnMouseOver IP display "user agent".
  • New: OnMouseOver Internet-image display "resolution".
  • Bugfix: Display right odd/even classes by profile selection.
  • Update: Send "Expires: date in the past" header to prevent cache problems.
  • Update: Manny other improvements.
  • Remove: AJAX DOM (document.createElement and document.body.appendChild)
    With this change the compatibility will still be the same.
    Only for Internet Explorer prior to version 7 must have ActiveX enabled.
    (Enable: Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting)
Changes with netjukebox 4.00 beta 4
  • Released: 20 February 2007
  • New: Sign all destructive get/post requests.
    So even when logged in with enough access privileges it is only possible to accept destructive url's when knowing the signature.
    (the signature changes on every destructive request)
  • New: Allow updating images from the internet in the track view when they are not stored locally.
    (thanks: JP Craford)
  • Bugfix: Incremental update message now send the correct update url.
  • Update: Add @ob_flush() to all flush() commands for better server compatibility.
    (thanks: JP Craford)
  • Update: Some improvements to the login system.
Changes with netjukebox 4.00 beta 3
  • Released: 12 February 2007
  • Update: Suppress browser autocomplete.
    (form autocomplete="off")
  • Internet explorer can't download files with ; in the filename (tracks, albums and covers).
    Only rename ; to _ for compatibility instead of rawurlencode used since netjukebox 3.79d.
    (more info about content disposition
Changes with netjukebox 4.00 beta 2b
  • Released: 8 February 2007
  • Bugfix: Typo fixed in index.php
    (line: 264 onkeyUpDown > onKeyDown)
Changes with netjukebox 4.00 beta 2
  • Released: 8 February 2007
  • Bugfix: Play/Add/Stream all tracks now works when searched with suggest title.
  • Update: Improvements autosuggest.
  • Update: Temporarily cache JavascriptRequest.
  • New: Allow media and update url before login.
    (for example you already could see the below url when logged in,
    but now also when you get a login screen and then login
  • New: Optional get script name and line number when getting a message.
    (enable with $cfg['debug_message'] = true; in the file)
Changes with netjukebox 4.00 beta 1
  • Released: 3 February 2007
  • New: Add auto complete functionality to the search box.
    (using the XMLHttpRequest object or DOM as alternative)
  • New: Make the two stage login look like a one stage login.
    (using the XMLHttpRequest object or DOM as alternative)
  • New: Sticky frameless menu.
  • New: Add mute functionality to the playlist.
  • New: Update album counter when streaming an album.
    (before it only get updated when using Play/Add album)
  • Update: File info and bitmaps are now checked by the filemtime and the filesize.
  • Update: Escape all passtrue() and exec() input with escapeshellarg().
  • Update: Let getID3() detect the mime-type for streaming from local files.
  • Update: Update fixes the time difference created by Windows daylight savings time.
  • Update: Use filemtime instead of filectime for temp cleanup.
    (for better *nix compatibility)
  • Update: Auto crop images when they are not square.
  • Update: Thumbnail image view layout.
  • Update: Display error message when images are corrupted.
  • Update: Improve image update speed.
  • Update: Small speed improvement for database update.
  • Update: Expand the rang for sid, seed and server secret.
  • Update: Changed the initialize scripts so that there is no need to edit anything inside:
    getID3(), overLIB and SHA-1
  • Update: Validated all pages with "HTML Validotor (based on tidy)"
  • Update: Many other improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 3.80f
  • Released: 20 March 2007
  • Update: Loosened the "internet image" update.
    Needed because Amazone has changed the image url's.
Changes with netjukebox 3.80e
  • Released: 20 February 2007
  • Update: Add @ob_flush() to all flush() commands for better server compatibility.
    (thanks: JP Craford)
Changes with netjukebox 3.80d
  • Released: 18 January 2007
  • Security: Resample image from image.php cannot view local files anymore.
    (only users with config rights could have abused this)
  • New: A link to Wikipedia has been added for artist/band information.
Changes with netjukebox 3.80c
  • Released: 12 January 2007
  • Bugfix: Some artist or titles in the "All tracks" view didn't work when selecting Play/Add/Stream all tracks.
    (now use rawurlencode for encoding instead of the misplaced htmlentities)
Changes with netjukebox 3.80b
  • Released: 20 October 2006
  • Bugfix: Problem internet image update fixed.
Changes with netjukebox 3.80
  • Released: 17 October 2006
  • Update: Improve directory/filename parsing.
    (thanks: shartte)
  • Update: Changed all "command" get/post submit for the more common "action".
  • Update: Removed all exe extensions from the file.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 3.79d
  • Released: 22 Juli 2006
  • Bugfix: Internet explorer can't download files with ; in the filename (tracks, albums and covers).
    (use rawurlencode() in the Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="" header to fix the problem)
  • Bugfix: Immediate expire playlist and cover files from cache to prevent opening an old file.
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.7.7
Changes with netjukebox 3.79c
  • Released: 24 June 2006
  • Bugfix: Stream and download problem fixed.
    The audio_bitrate field was forgotten in two query's.
    Because of that transcoding did't work when try to stream/download files
    with the same extension as the stream/download profile.
Changes with netjukebox 3.79b
  • Released: 2 May 2006
  • Bugfix: The home directory was detected to late in the script.
    In situations without all required extensions installed you got a PHP error message.
    (thanks: andersen)
Changes with netjukebox 3.79
  • Released: 18 April 2006
  • New: Optional cd-text for CDRDAO recording.
    (can be enabled in the file)
  • Update: Send hartbeat (html comment tag) when no dynamic content is send to the playlist.
  • Update: Changed all font to span tags.
  • Update: Changed short div to span tags.
  • Update: Removed unused settings from stylesheet.
  • Update: Create temp directory based on "server secret" and "sid".
  • Update: Sql-file can now handle -- comment.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 3.78
  • Released: 7 April 2006
  • New: Transcode tracks to another format/bitrate before downloading.
  • New: Download a whole album in one zip file.
    Optional transcode to another format/birate.
  • New: Auto block brute force attacks.
  • New: Reset online counter.
    (no other session information will be lost)
  • Update: Remove DES encryption for password transmission.
    (some users had problems to create/change passwords)
    Instead use the "Alternative System" for signup and login.
    (thanks: Paul Johnston for the concept)
  • Update: Simplifying the login system.
    Only create a new sid after a valid login (prevent loosing track of a session).
    Still check the sid, client IP and user agent on every action.
  • Update: Detect new and retyped password on the server instead of client side JavaScript.
  • Update: Detect empty password on the server instead of client side JavaScript.
  • Update: Move the session configuration (access, stream profile & httpQ profile) to the config tab.
    Set the logout link back on the bottom of the page.
  • Update: Change record engine from "Golden Hawk DAO" to "open source CDRDAO".
    CDRDAO will also be added to the netjukebox codec.
  • Update: Remove PHP 5 stream fix.
    (this was only needed for the early PHP 5 versions)
  • Update: Revisit all queries, use (int) for integer and mysql_real_escape_string() for strings.
    (thanks: superlexx for the boolean type)
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.7.6
  • Bugfix: Framerate wasn't updated. (copy & past bug)
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • Bugfix: Round audio bitrate (integer in database)
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • Bugfix: Stream extension wasn't correctly detected.
  • Bugfix: Create correct frame url's without a leading '&' in index.php
Changes with netjukebox 3.77c
  • Released: 13 Januari 2006
  • Bugfix: Renamed one forgotten short php tag to a standard php tag.
    So the code can be used with "short_open_tag = Off" in the php.ini
    (thanks: shostakovits and xorphan)
Changes with netjukebox 3.77b
  • Released: 7 December 2005
  • Bugfix: Syntax SQL files updated.
    Syntax is now compatible with MySQL 5.
    (thanks: thelifeofaspork)
Changes with netjukebox 3.77
  • Released: 29 November 2005
  • New: Add advanced search options to the "Internet image update"
  • Update: Updated the LAME mp3 encoder settings based on the forum recommendations.
  • Update: Small improvement to the anonymous user login.
  • Update: Improved deleting method old sessions.
    (delete a whole week after a threshold from 98 days idle time)
  • Bugfix: Fixed various render problem with the Firefox browser.
  • Bugfix: Netjukebox can now create the tables on an empty database.
Changes with netjukebox 3.76
  • Released: 14 October 2005
  • New: Session based login system (with cookies and database)
  • New: Changeable image size (50, 100 and 200 pixels) for thumbnail and internet image update.
  • New: Session based settings: Stream profile, httpQ profile & Thumbnail size.
  • Update: overLIB updated to version 4.21
  • Update: Streaming is now session based, and expires only if the session expires or when logged out.
  • Update: Use a 32 digit base64 key (24 bytes) for Triple DES encryption.
  • Update: Change all MySQL enum('Y','N') fields to tinyint(1) for better boolean compatibility with PHP.
  • Update: The PDF extensions is now only checked when viewing or downloading covers.
  • Update: The ICONV extensions is not needed any more since getID3() 1.7.1b1
  • Update: Many small improvements.
  • Bugfix: Required extension checking is now better compatible with Linux.
  • Bugfix: record.php fixed.
Changes with netjukebox 3.75
  • Released: 19 June 2005
  • Update: Improved "internet image update" layout.
  • Update: Set default overLIB settings inside overlib.js
  • Update: Replaced all mysql_escape_string() with mysql_real_escape_string() functions.
  • Update: Create database with mysql_query('CREATE DATABASE') instead of the deprecated mysql_create_db() function.
    (thanks: felix)
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 3.74
  • Released: 5 June 2005
  • New: Retrieve web-interface images from the internet.
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • New: Make netjukebox skinable trough its own bitmap and stylesheet directory.
    There are now other skins available yet.
  • Update: cd_front and cd_back for pdf covers can now be made from jpg, gif & png images.
  • Update: image and cover files for the web-interface can be made from jpg, gif & png images.
  • Update: Improved thumbnail column calculation with floor() instead if round()
  • Update: Rewritten recursive directory scan in update.php
    (thanks: high mighty)
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.7.4
  • Update: Improve playlist only rights, no link in the seekbar and removed the volume bar.
  • Bugfix: Some small render problems with Opera web browser fixed.
  • Bugfix: On Linux convert _ to space.
Changes with netjukebox 3.73
  • Released: 7 May 2005
  • New: Anonymous user login.
    When updating from an older netjukebox version manually create a user with the name anonymous (the password doesn't matter).
    (thanks: highmighty)
  • Split Play rights in Playlist, Play and Add.
    This can be useful when using netjukebox for a shoutcast server.
    (thanks: highmighty)
Changes with netjukebox 3.72
  • Released: 1 May 2005
  • New: netjukebox is now PHP 5 compatible.
    PHP 4 is still preferred.
    (thanks: bardelot for the pdf code)
  • New: Show PHP information.
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 3.71
  • Released: 23 April 2005
  • New: Added optional Musepack streaming to the configuration file.
    (thanks: ponchorage)
  • Update: getID3() updated to version 1.7.3
  • Update: overLIB updated to version 4.17
  • Update: Some small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 3.70b
  • Released: 31 March 2005
  • Bugfix: Database incremental upgrade fixed.
    (thanks: bigbossman)
Changes with netjukebox 3.70
  • Released: 30 March 2005
  • New: Added volume controll in playlist.
    (thanks: zs4)
  • New: Allow original source streaming.
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • Update: All error messages are now W3C HTML 4.01 compliant.
  • Update: Moved some items from HTML to CSS stylesheet.
Changes with netjukebox 3.69
  • Released: 20 March 2005
  • New: netjukebox is now Linux, Unix and OSX compatible.
    (thanks: robert)
  • New: Select stream profile on user basis.
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • New: Quick select httpQ profile.
    (now only a id is stored in the cookie, not the actual httpQ data)
  • Bugfix: Track playback in view3() fixed.
Changes with netjukebox 3.68b
  • Released: 4 March 2005
  • Bugfix: A problem with favorites fixed.
Changes with netjukebox 3.68
  • Released: 3 March 2005
  • New: Added artist/title playback and streaming.
    (thanks: superlexx and carlo)
  • Bugfix: vertical_line was missing from the stylesheet
  • Bugfix: Streaming and recording from files with high case extensions is now working.
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • Update: Add %bits_per_sample %channels & %sample_rate for OGG Vorbis streaming.
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • Update: Lower the max-age to prevent old (not valid) playlists from cache.
  • Update: Unlink local file "-" before streaming.
    (when local file "-" exist streaming to stdout is not always working correctly)
Changes with netjukebox 3.67
  • Released: 23 February 2005
  • New: OGG Vorbis streaming from IIS.
    OGG Vorbis Streaming from apache has still some problems.
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • Update: netjukebox is now almost W3C HTML 4.01 compliant.
  • Update: netjukebox renders now correct on the Opera web browser.
  • Update: Streaming in the configuration file can use new variables:
    %bits_per_sample, %sample_rate & %channels (in most situations these variables are not needed)
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • Update: Download information expanded with: bits per sample, sample rate and channels.
  • Update: Configuration file updated to support record and streaming from WMA files.
    Download a modified version of wmadec.exe or use the latest codec pack from this website.
    (thanks: superlexx for the modified wmadec.exe)
Changes with netjukebox 3.66
  • Released: 12 February 2005
  • bugfix: Creating new user now works when error_reporting is set to E_ALL in the php.ini
  • bugfix: Streaming now works when a non standard port is used.
    (thanks: superlexx)
  • bugfix: Server URL in the about screen is now displayed correctly when a non standard port is used.
Changes with netjukebox 3.65
  • Released: 9 February 2005
  • New: Download with artist and album information.
    Enable this feature in the configuration file with: $cfg['download_longfilename'] = true;
    (thanks: zs4)
  • Update: Embedded images won't be rescanned when the file modification time hasn't changed.
  • Update: All default variables for file info are set to prevent errors for unsupported getID3() files.
  • Update: Configuration file changed to support record and streaming from WavePack files.
    Download or use the latest codec pack from this website.
Changes with netjukebox 3.64
  • Released: 2 February 2005
  • New: Web interface images can alternatively be read from an embedded image (APIC in a ID3V2 tag).
    Update now search for web interface images in this order:
    image.jpg > folder.jpg > cd_front.jpg > embedded image > default image (no image available)
    (thanks: guest)
  • New: Display server URL in about screen.
  • Update: Mail and website updated.
  • Update: Better PHP version checking with version_compare.
  • Update: Small speed improvement.
    (remove white spaces and magic quotes with array_walk)
Changes with netjukebox 3.63b
  • Released: 24 January 2005
  • Bugfix: Update now works when error_reporting is set to E_ALL in the php.ini
Changes with netjukebox 3.63
  • Released: 22 January 2005
  • New: Display installed overLIB version in about screen.
  • Bugfix: One line wasn't completely drawn on double albums.
  • Update: overLIB updated to version 4.14
  • Update: Simplified httpQ cookie loading.
  • Update: Logical operators changed to && and || where possible.
  • Update: Changed the code to prevent undeclared variables.
    This will make the code work when error_reporting is set to E_ALL in the php.ini
    (thanks: mephistois)
  • Update: Code clean up and many small improvements.
Changes with netjukebox 3.62b
  • Released: 14 January 2005
  • Update: Configuration file updated to make full use of the first codec pack.
Changes with netjukebox 3.62
  • Released: 13 January 2005
  • New: A new server secret can be created with the web interface.
  • Update: All authentications updated from SHA-1 to HMAC SHA-1.
Changes with netjukebox 3.61
  • Released: 8 January 2005
  • New: Display featuring in a column when available.
  • New: Display unavailable images in statistics.
  • New: Streaming should work with media player 9 and 10.
Changes with netjukebox 3.60
  • Released: 30 December 2004
  • New: netjukebox 3.60 is now open source under the GNU GPL license.
  • New: No zend optimizer needed any more.
  • New: Individual track streaming.
    (thanks: lylos)
  • New: Added PHP version checker.
  • Update: Added mysql_escape_string for all GET, POST and COOKIE input.
  • Update: overLIB updated to version 3.10
  • Update: Improved GD2 library detection.
  • Update: Improved MySQL error messages.
  • Update: Code clean up and many small improvements.